Yellow Symphony: A Contemporary Ode to the Australian Landscape



Canola series texture detail

Temporarily unavailable for sale, due to entry in the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize. Please contact me if interested in purchasing.
Optimism is the constant companion of farmers. The beauty of the Canola fields and the bright yellow expanse fills me with optimism and happiness. North of Goyder’s Line, annual rainfall is too low to support cropping, with land being only suitable for grazing. This painting inspired by Canola fields in the Barossa Valley, SA, reflects the realities and spirit of farming in Australia as well as the beauty of the natural landscape.
The painting is full of texture and energy and will provide a bright and colourful addition to a home or commercial space. A statement piece to immerse yourself in and make you smile.
1200mm x 600mm
Acrylic on canvas.
Prints available through Creative Soul Prints

Canola Series on display at Henley Hotel



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