A painting in progress


Love the anticipation of the first stroke!


Blocking in the initial shape and the colour that I want hints of to come through later


Putting in some background colour


Starting to build up the texture and the black, so that some of it shows through later


Adding more black and more texture. Using a palette knife to add some of the texture


Texture detail


Adding pale gold and rich gold all over


Adding rose gold as well. Using a dry brushing technique made with many short and quick brushstrokes, so that the colour and texture underneath show through

photo 1
Many more layers added to keep building up the texture and richness

final texture detail-01

 Final texture detail. Many subtleties now and nuances of colour. Much more texture and interest. Light will hit the golds and the texture

The finished piece!


Nicholas' commission

Added black for more definition as not enough black was coming through from underneath. This has added structure and definition. Pictured in its proud new home