Add some Zest to your Wonderwalls experience!

Thanks Glam Adelaide for this write up of my exhibition, Zest. It's on at The British Hotel, Port Adelaide for a few more weeks.

What makes an artist

Thank you to Bek Possingham from Bluethumb Online Gallery for this fabulous article. Inspired by the French Impressionists, this Adelaide-based painter has recreated her own colourful optical effects of light and nature. Samantha Tipler seeks to transfer energy of a...

SALA is coming!

  August is art month in Adelaide! The South Australian Living Artists Festival sees hundreds of venues opening their doors to thousands of artists. Not only will you will be able to see art in galleries, but all sorts of non-traditional spaces too, such as;...

Talking art on Radio Adelaide

I enjoyed speaking all things art with Jennie Lenman  at Radio Adelaide on 28 May. You can listen here. We chatted about my upcoming SALA exhibition, 'Bold and Bright' for August at The British Hotel, Port Adelaide, as well as my other SALA events and exhibitions at;...

The adventures of office dog

Some people know me as Office Dog, others as Studio Dog, but my full name is Roberta the Gorgeous Bobby Dazzler, or Bobby for short. I have happily lived behind the scenes for nearly 9 years and it’s time I came out from the shadows. It feels like my time to shine! I...

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